Moderný nočný stolík, biely konferenčný stolík

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  • Perfect for the bedroom and living room
  • Used as a bedside table or coffee table
  • Legs and handle made of pine wood
  • Laminate countertop
  • Drawer with handle
  • Small, compact size
  • Stable construction
  • Quick montage


Thanks to its simple design, the table will look attractive in all interiors . Thanks to its small size, the table can be used even in a small room . The table is compact , takes up little space and adds a modern character to the interior .

Our piece of furniture will work great as a bedside table , where you can put your favorite book without having to get out of bed.

Additionally, a small table can be used as a coffee table placed next to the sofa in the living room.


The tabletop is made of laminated chipboard , making it resistant to all scratches and discoloration even after intensive use.

Four legs made of solid pine wood ensure stability during use and prevent uncontrolled movement of the table.

The designers made sure that everything had its place , so the table was equipped with a drawer where you can put everything you need right after waking up!

Its height also allows it to be used by children. They can draw, paint or read their favorite fairy tale.


  • Tabletop material : laminated chipboard
  • Leg material: pine wood
  • White color
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Packing: specially reinforced cardboard
  • Manufacturer's code: WYJ-085 WHITE
  • Producer:

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Hmotnosť: 7.5 kg

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